RSTAR Affinity represents your turn-key IIOT solution for reliable, real-time data flow from your work site to your desktop—all from a single vendor. Fill in your email below and be the first to receive product details and availability.

Your single source sensor-to-remote data connectivity solution.

RSTAR Affinity is the evolution of RST Instruments’ RSTAR constellation of remote, wireless data collection solutions married with our industry-leading instrumentation.

Built by our team of seasoned instrumentation experts specifically for geotechnical monitoring projects, the RSTAR Affinity system comprises loggers, gateways, secure communications for data telemetry, and mobile and desktop applications. Forget the headaches of improvised monitoring solutions cobbled together from different third-party vendors.



A single path from sensors on-site to viewing and analysis.


Intuitive installation, automated setup with plug and play configuration.


Configurable topology and communications options cover all on-site and remote monitoring scenarios.